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First Baptist Church
Thursday, August 27, 2015
Loving God, Loving Others, Loving Life, IN CHRIST
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First Baptist Church offers a variety of Sunday School Classes to suit the needs of everyone.
(i.e.: babies, preschool, children, youth, college/career, singles, married couples, senior adults, silent class, and more)

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Babies to 5 yrs
Laura & Rusty Smith, Meridith Venturella,
Beverly & Danny Stone, JJ & Bradley Orr,
Ruthie & Alan Parnell, Teresa Madden
Ground Flr Education Wing
5 yrs - 2nd Grade
Jan Page, Paula Ballentine
 2nd Flr Education Wing
3rd Grade
Tricia Torbert, Ron & Mary Alice Cromer
4th Grade
Carol Fauble, Susan Reed
5th Grade
Charlie Ballentine, Tom Allen
Grade 6–8 (Boys and Girls)
Phil Marett
209-211 Education Wing
Grade 9-12 (Boys and Girls)
209-211 Education Wing
 Wes and Lisa Wallace
317-318 Education Wing
Adult (Women)
Edith Williams, Hazel Young,
Lillian Glenn, Martha Burgess
326 McConnell
Gleaners (est. 1960)
Emmie Hazle, Duane Gerrard
Prayer Room 
Tina Wilson, Margaret Hicks
220 McConnell
Ann Bennett, Libby Burnette, Alvin Evans
328 McConnell
Adult (Men)
Tom Allen (est. 1939?)
Ed Bennett, Leland Stoddard
215 McConnell
Adult (Couples)
Howard Murphy, various others
319 Education Wing
Eagles (est. 1980)
Donna Nelson, Ginger Smith,
Sonja Sokol, Jeanne Brown
303-304 Education Wing
Faith (est. 1980)
Joe Beusse, Dennis Fowler,                Donnie Campbell,
Kathy Adams, Joan Ellison,
Sonny Reed, Mathias Richardson
322 Education Wing
Fellowship (est. 1983)
Peggy Fricks, Beverly Simmons,
Tom Martin, Sam Stephens
320-321 Education Wing
New Beginnings
Julie Edwards, Bill Wilson,
Peggy Fricks, Danny Hoard
324 McConnell
(previously: Jerry Neal 1972)
David Stoddard, Howard Murphy,
Peggy Fricks
212 Education Wing
David Fleischman, Alan Oxendine,
McConnell Bldg, near Rock Room
Adult (Mixed)
Baraca (est 1910, air 1934)
Lawrence Webb
217 McConnell
  F.B.C. (Fellow Believers in Christ)
(est. Feb 2010)
Pam Thomason McConnell Bldg,
last room past the Rock
Gillespie (est 1977)
Sallie Carter, Tom Martin, Mike Lowe
McConnell Bldg, through Rock Rm
The Silent Class (est. 1962)
Janet Geisel, Terry Martin,
Annie Laurie Smith
331 McConnell