Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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2019-07-14 - Jericho Highway Patrol; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-07-07 - The Divine Call to Migrant Farm Work; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-06-30 - How to Live as Fee People; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-06-23 - Fighting Despair; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-06-16 - Becoming Students of Wisdom; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-06-09 - Pentecost: Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-06-02 - Having Open Minds to Understand; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-05-26 - Passing of the Peace; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-05-19 - Principled and Teachable; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-05-12 - Good Works and Compassionate Acts; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-05-05 - Team Work Makes the Dream Work; Amy Brown (Children's Sunday) (listen)
2019-04-28 - Room for Doubt; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-04-21 - While It Was Still Dark; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-04-14 - Palm Sunday; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-04-07 - Leave Her Alone; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-03-31 - The Ministry of Reconciliation; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-03-24 - The Grand Invitation; Josh Hunt (listen)
2019-03-17 - Installation Service of Dr. Josh Hunt (cds are available in the church Office)
2019-03-10 - Youth Sunday (cds are available in the church office)
2019-03-03 - In Gratitude for Jim & Pam Thomason (cd's available in the church office) 
2019-02-24 - In Conclusion... FINISH WELL; Jim Thomason (listen)
2019-02-17 - In Conclusion... PERSEVERE; Jim Thomason (listen)
2019-02-10 - In Conclusion... BE YOUR BEST; Jim Thomason (listen)
2019-02-03 - In Conclusion... TAKE RESPONSIBILITY; Jim Thomason (listen)
2019-01-27 - In Conclusion... REMAIN FAITHFUL; Jim Thomason (listen)
2019-01-20 - In Conclusion... STAY STRONG; Jim Thomason (listen)
2019-01-13 - The Power of Potential; Jim Thomason (listen)
2019-01-06 - Wisdom Beyond Our Years; Jim Thomason (listen)

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