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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Loving God, Loving Others, Loving Life, IN CHRIST
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2014-04-13 - Words to Live By CONVINCED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-04-06 - Words to Live By TRANSFORMED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-03-30 - Words to Live By INCLUDED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-03-23 - Words to Live By RECONCILED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-03-16 - Words to Live By CONVICTED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-03-09 - Words to Live By HUMBLED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-03-02 - It Is Good For Us To Be Here; Josh Hunt (listen)
2014-02-23 - Words to Live By GROUNDED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-02-16 - Words to Live By COMPOSED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-02-09 - Words to Live By LOVED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-02-02 - Words to Live By ASSURED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-01-26 - Words to Live By GIFTED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-01-19 - Words to Live By AFFECTED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-01-12 - Words to Live By  COMMENDED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-01-05 - The Year Might Change-The Mission Remains the Same; Sam Stewart (listen)
2013-12-29 - The Story of Redemption; Amy Brown (listen)
2013-12-22 - Christmas Questions: WHERE YA' GOING?; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-12-15 - Christmas Questions: CAN WE KEEP IT?; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-12-08 - A Joyful Noel, Combined Choirs of FBC and St. John's UMC and Orchestra (cd's are available in the church office)
2013-12-01 - Shhh...Dan is Sleeping; Jay Kieve, Missions Speaker (listen)
2013-11-24 - Medicine for the Blindly Blessed; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-11-17 - Medicine for the Despised; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-11-10 - Medicine for the Myth-Bound; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-11-03 - Medicine for the Stereotyped; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-10-27 - Medicine for the Forgotten; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-10-20 - Medicine for the Tempted; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-10-13 - LUKE: Medicine for Us All; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-10-06 - World Communion Sunday; Josh Hunt (listen)
2013-09-29 - A Message on Kingdom Come; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-09-22 - A Message on Kingdom Relationships; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-09-15 - A Message on Kingdom Values; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-09-08 - A Message on Kingdom Challenges; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-09-01 - Many Rivers to Cross; Josh Hunt (listen)
2013-08-25 - A Message on Kingdom Living; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-08-18 - MATTHEW Messages from the King; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-08-11 - Clarifying Moments; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-08-04 - Sobering Moments; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-07-28 - Miraculous Moments; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-07-21 - Confusing Moments; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-07-14 - Confrontational Moments; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-07-07 - MARK: Moments in the Messiah's Life; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-06-30 - The Meter's Running; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-06-23 - A Superhero in You; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-06-16 - A Superhero in the Valley; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-06-09 - A Superhero on the Mountain; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-06-02 - Remember Me?; Jim Thomason  (listen)
2013-05-26 - God in Three Persons; Josh Hunt (listen)
2013-05-19 - Going Where the Spirit Takes Us; Josh Hunt (listen)
2013-05-12 - Portraits from the Early Church: Lydia; Josh Hunt (listen)
2013-05-05 - Portraits from the Early Church: Paul and Silas; Josh Hunt (listen)
2013-04-28 - Portraits from the Early Church: Peter; Josh Hunt (listen)
2013-04-21 - Portraits from the Early Church: Ananias; Josh Hunt (listen)
2013-04-14 - Youth Sunday; Anna Logan Minyard (listen) Kyle Minyard (listen)
2013-04-07 - Portraits from the Early Church: Thomas; Josh Hunt (listen)
2013-03-31 - Easter; Josh Hunt (listen)
2013-03-24 - Notes Left Behind; Josh Hunt (listen)
2013-03-17 - Words to Live By: MISSION; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-03-10 - Words to Live By: GOSPEL; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-03-03 - Words to Live By: CONFIDENCE; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-02-24 - Words to Live By: PATIENCE; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-02-17 - Words to Live By: REPENTANCE; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-02-10 - Words to Live By: LOVE; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-02-03 - Words to Live By: PURPOSE; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-01-27 - Words to Live By: CONTENTMENT; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-01-20 - Words to Live By: MATURITY; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-01-13 - Words to Live By: SERVANTHOOD; Jim Thomason (listen)
2013-01-06 - Guided by the Star; Sam Stewart, Pastor, Charity Springs (listen)
2012-12-30 - Student Day at Christmas; Mollie Williams (listen)  MK Thomason (listen)
2012-12-23 - God's Way: Love; Jim Thomason (listen)
2012-12-16 - Sing for Joy; Jim Thomason (listen)
2012-12-09 - Advent Reflections, FBC Music Ministry and Orchestra (cd's are available in the church office)
2012-12-02 - The Advent Trap; Jim Thomason (listen)
2012-11-25 - Doing What Comes Unnaturally; Guest Speaker, Marion Aldridge (listen)

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