Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Loving God, Loving Others, Loving Life, IN CHRIST

Worship Schedule

The following is our usual schedule:

(See the bulletin and the Beacon for current schedules)
(Click here for a map to First Baptist Church)


  8:15    Baraca Radio Ministry (Recorded for later broadcast)
  9:30    Worship Service
  9:50     "The Rock"- Children's Church (except the 1st Sunday of the month) 
  9:50    Baraca broadcast on WRIX-FM 103.1
10:30    Bible Study (Sunday School) 
  6:00    Youth Bible Study (during the school year)

1st and 3rd TUESDAY of each month:

 7:07    Youth Breakfast Club — Chic-Fil-A on 81


12:00 Noon    Bible Study / Luncheon  (year round)
  5:00-6:00     Supper, Fellowship Hall (during the school year)
  5:30-7:00     Youth Bible Study (during the school year)
  5:45-7:00     Children’s M & M’s (Music/Missions)  (during the school year)
  6:00-7:00     Praise Team Rehearsal
  6:00-7:00     Conversation Cafe - Room 212(during the school year)
  6:00-7:00     Walk/Run Group - Front Steps(during the school year) 
  6:15-7:00     Bible Study - Chapel (during the school year)
  7:00-8:30     Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal (see bulletin for summer schedule)